Aloha /Welcome

                                                                                                              "E komo mai. Nou ka hale!"
                                                                                                         "Come inside, the house is yours"
Are you looking for something  exeptional or unique?
Do you want  to mark out from the common run of mankind?
Are you a Hawai’ian masseur or dancer?
The only asnwer for these questions is: AlohaFashion
We founded our company with the deep love and high respect towards Hawai’ian islands and Aloha intellectuality.
AlohaFashion offers and sells original Hawai’ian products with Hawai’ian colours and motives.
Among AlohaFashion’s products  you can find Hawai’ian women and men’s clothes, accessories, jewels,souvenirs, clothes for Hula dance,unique home-made pau (skirt for Hawai’ian Hula dance) and accessories, pareos/sarongs for the tranditional Hawai’ian Lomi-Lomi massage, different types of oil and very special Hawai’ian handicraft necklaces, braclets and earrings.
We hope that every visitors will find the perfect souvernirs or clothes or jewels.


AlohaFashion Team


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